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Affordable Strategic Marketing

You need help with marketing—a lot of nonprofits and small businesses do—there’s no shame in admitting it. Maybe your research uncovered average monthly retainer contracts of $1,000–3,000 and project-based freelance work of $5,000 and up (Entrepreneur, 2015, https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/252933). It’s no wonder you are still searching for a solution.

For the next few months, I am looking for volunteer opportunities. I work hard to help clients develop strategies and tactics that deliver measurable results. I specialize in the following services:

Service Specialties

Strategic Planning List Building Direct Response Analytics
B2B Marketing House Direct Mail Social Media
B2C Marketing Response Email Marketing Website
Content Marketing Compiled    
Direct Marketing      
Proximity Marketing      
Social Media Marketing      

My professional network can help you save money on design services, too. Contact me today to get started.

What others are saying

"Quite frankly, I was extremely impressed with the professional results of the B2B team effort for the Webster house. We have been looking for a strong blueprint to help us focus going forward and the team more than delivered the goods on this assignment.Their presentation was thought provoking, professional and provided us with more than what we were looking for."
~ Lou Catano, Executive Director, Webster House

B2B Marketing Plan
Team: Sam Marchetti, Liam Peluso, Ashley Seddon, and Skip Spoerke

"We felt that this group’s overall presentation was top notch, and appreciated the level of detail including in their printed documents. They went above and beyond, by providing actual contact names for us, and researching other options for our newsletter to keep costs down. If we were to hire a marketing firm, this is the type of customer service we would hope for."
~ Jessica Pappathan, Aviation Museum of New Hampshire

Direct Marketing Plan
Team: Chris Jenard, Ashley Seddon, Skip Spoerke, and Sarah Stiles

Beyond Volume Mission Statement

It is the mission of Beyond Volume to help the nonprofit leader and small business owner identify and deploy strategic marketing opportunities to achieve business goals at the right price. The Company uses innovative thinking and friendly professionalism to educate and problem-solve for each client to deliver high-quality customer service, ensure the satisfaction of the client from start to finish, and give back to the community.